Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Go Back To Pennsyltuckey, Taylor Swift.

I recognize that all has been fairly quiet on the Taylor Swift front, however, that doesn't change the fact that I truly cannot stand her whether she's currently in the media or not. Sure a couple of her songs are catchy I'll admit, and at the rare times I find myself listening to one of her songs, I usually end up feeling like a traitor.
Most of her songs really are just complete crap. Lyrically that is. Again some of the songs have very catchy beats. But you can say the same thing about Ke$ha.
Did anyone see the movie Valentine's Day? Well if you did, then you know how horrible of an actress TS is. I think that needs to end. She should be banned from the big screen. And the small screen. And the radio. And iTunes. And Pandora. etc...

Looks wise, homegirl needs to eat a sandwich. She's grossly skinny in person.
Also, would it kill her to add some variety to her hair? It's always the same waves/curls every.day. Not to mention the fact that she always has cat-like eyes and a very mousey looking face.

As far as her personality goes, I find her to be extremely immature.  QUIT PUTTING YOUR PAST RELATIONSHIPS ON BLAST, THIS ISN'T HIGH SCHOOL.  I know it benefits her musically, but there's no reason to name names, she only comes off bratty.  And no matter how nice to she tries to portray herself, I'm just not buying it. AT. ALL. It all just seems so very fake.  She seems like one of those girls who has becomes extremely clicky with whoever her friend of the moment is, and then everything in her life is about that.  She's one of those girls.  And I cannot stand it.

Lastly, the thing I hate most about Taylor Swift is I think she's got my life bugged. There are 3 celebrities I am in love with, I call them The 3 J's. That's John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal and Jason Segel.  So far, Taylor has gotten 2 out of my 3. If this lanky, blond bitch goes anywhere near Jason Segel, there is going to be a massacre in Los Angeles. Don't think I'm joking, because I'm not.

She should have never been allowed to leave Pennsylvania in the first place.